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Fiscal Responsibility

When the government spends wastefully, it makes important spending more difficult. Decades of unchecked federal spending have resulted in a national debt of over $28 trillion – a sum that equates to more than $224,000 of debt per taxpayer. Since 2018, over $9 trillion has been added to the national debt under House Democrats' watch. That's more than the combined deficits under all previous 72 years of Republican House majorities. 

As part of my solution to cut federal spending and save taxpayer moneyI introduced the Nickel Plan in Congress to require the federal government to reduce its budget by one nickel for every dollar it spends annually over a period of five years. My proposal would keep more money in the pockets of hardworking Americans while simultaneously reining in out of control federal spending. We cannot allow the current administration to put Washington elites first while placing a growing and unreasonable burden on the American taxpayer 

Our country cannot continue this race towards fiscal insanity. I am working tirelessly to curb federal spending. I will continue my fight to keep money where it belongs—in the wallets of hard-working taxpayers.