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Second Amendment

I believe that the federal government may not infringe on the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. This God-given, constitutionally recognized right ensures that Americans can protect their lives, their property, and ultimately, their liberty. The Constitution’s Framers knew that a free society could exist only if the people were truly sovereign and able to act as a check against tyrannical government. Self-defense is essential to fulfilling that role.

The Second Amendment and public safety go hand-in-hand—and the federal government has a duty to protect both. Data suggests that gun control laws do not contribute significantly to the prevention of violent crime. Rather, these restrictions act as a barrier between law-abiding citizens and their Constitutional right. Instead of restricting gun rights, I believe that our communities can remain safe by funding and resourcing law enforcement, enacting and enforcing strong legal penalties for criminals, and permitting citizens to defend themselves.