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Congressman Bob Good prioritizing economy, immigration after being sworn into office

February 4, 2021
ROANOKE, VA – Republican Congressman Bob Good is looking to build trust among the people of the 5th district.

Good says since he was officially sworn in a few weeks ago, his top priority in Washington has been improving the economy following the coronavirus pandemic.

He also wants to work to represent the interests of people from across the 5th district.

“I surely want to do my best to validate that trust and earn support from everybody, not everybody voted for me but I’m thankful for the ones who did not want to earn support the ones who did not buy the job that I do to represent everybody in the 5th district,” Good said.

So far, he has introduced three bills.

Good also hopes to see some of Former President Donald Trump’s immigration plans continue.

He was one of several congressmen who recently took a trip to view conditions at the border wall in southern Arizona.

“I think we need to protect our borders, but the wall is 90 something percent effective that makes a huge difference and meeting with the border patrol agents and the local law enforcement in counties like Cochise County right there that have to deal with it with the illegal immigrant situation,” Good said.

He hopes to see the border wall completed in the near future.