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Good says he objects Biden's 'radical decision' to reserve immigration policies

February 3, 2021
LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) — Last week, Congressman Bob Good joined members of the congress on a tour of the United States-Mexico border in southern Arizona.

During the tour, the congressional delegation met with Border Patrol agents, members of local law enforcement, customs officials, and families who lost individuals to illegal aliens.

In addition, the delegation heard about how President Joe Biden’s recent immigration actions will reverse some policies that the Trump administration set.

“President Biden’s radical decision to reverse the successful polices that secured our border, removed dangerous criminal aliens, and stopped deadly drugs from pouring into our communities is extremely dangerous for the future of our nation,” said Good. “Open-border policies are the breeding ground for crime.

Hours into his presidency, Biden moved to undo many Trump administration policies in a series of executive actions. He also sent an immigration bill to Congress.

Last week, a federal judge temporarily blocked Biden's 100-day pause on deportations, as the case proceeds.

“I strongly object to the radical left’s agenda to put the needs of Americans last. It is my hope that the president will work with Congress, and put the needs of those he leads first.”