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Rep. Good Fights to Rein in Costly Federal Regulations

April 15, 2021

WASHINGTON -- U.S. Representative Bob Good (VA-05) kicks off a series highlighting government waste with the introduction of the Article 1 Regulatory Budget Act. This legislation is the first in a series of bills aiming to reduce government waste and the enormous cost that federal regulations have on American taxpayers, families, and small businesses.

“The Trump Administration took bold action to reduce the inordinate regulatory burden on American families by eliminating $198.6 billion in regulatory costs, which averages to saving $1,546 for every American household. Now, President Biden is reversing course and imposing costly federal regulations at the expense of hardworking Americans.

“I am standing up to fight to protect the hard-earned dollars of Virginia’s taxpayers. The last thing families in Virginia need is government bureaucrats telling them how to live their lives as they try get back on their feet in the wake of the financial devastation caused by COVID lockdowns and restrictions.

“To hold President Biden accountable, I introduced legislation that would reclaim Congress’ lawmaking power from the federal agencies and require Congress to vote on the total regulatory burden each federal agency may impose on the American people each year.My legislation would require a regulatory budget detailing regulatory costs similar to the annual budget for taxes and government spending. This is only the beginning of many efforts to regain control of federal spending and curb overreaching and unnecessary regulations.

“President Biden has yet to consider the cost of a full, annual budget. In fact, he wants increased regulations that will squeeze every dollar possible from the wallets of every day Americans. We cannot allow this to happen.” – U.S. Representative Bob Good (VA-05)

Read full bill text HERE.

GROUPS SUPPORTING: Citizens Against Government Waste, Conservative Enterprise Institute