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Rep. Good Introduces Protect Our Police Act

April 1, 2021

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Representative Bob Good (VA-05) introduced the Protect Our Police Act. This legislation would prohibit the Biden Administration from unilaterally issuing any restriction on the 1033 Program, which allows police departments to have access to life-saving military surplus equipment.

“It is imperative that federal, state, and local law enforcement maintain access to life-saving military equipment used to protect and save the lives of Americans, especially in circumstances of terrorist attacks, search-and-rescue operations, and natural disasters,” said Congressman Bob Good. “This legislation will ensure that our law enforcement have the necessary equipment to fulfill their job duties, keeping communities safe.”

Recent legislative measures by House Democrats such as H.R. 1280, the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2021, would have restored Obama-Biden era restrictions on 1033. This anti-police legislation would have limited the ability of police departments to obtain life-saving equipment for border security and counter-drug operations.

Bill text HERE

Bill supported by:Virginia Law Enforcement organizations, including: Virginia State Police Association, Virginia Sheriffs Association, Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police and Foundation, Inc., and Virginia Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators. Virginia Fraternal Order of Police.

Heritage Action has also endorsed the bill.

Background: A 2017 study concluded that a “10 percent increase in the total value of military aid leads to a decrease of 5.9 crimes per 100,000 population.”

    • The study further found that, based on the average cost of a crime, an estimated $5,800 worth of military gear transferred to local law enforcement can result in savings to society of $112,000.
    • This reduces the burden on the American taxpayer and makes the transfer of military surplus equipment to civilian law enforcement an effective tool in crime-reduction.