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Rep. Good Votes Against Democrats' On Demand Abortion Bill

September 24, 2021

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Representative Bob Good (VA-05) voted against H.R. 3755 which is intentionally misrepresented as the “Women’s Health Protection Act.” The legislation pre-empts all state laws on abortion, effectively creating a federal right to abortion on demand, at any time, for any reason, up until the moment of birth.

“This is the most radical expansion of abortion rights in our nation’s history,” said Representative Bob Good. “I will not stand quietly by as Democrats in Congress seek to massively expand the murder of innocent life in America.”

“Most Americans agree that on demand abortion should not be tolerated. While I do not support abortion under any circumstances, I recently introduced the Teleabortion Prevention Act which is intended to at least hold healthcare professionals accountable, and require, at a minimum, in-person examination and consultation of each patient.”